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Online Assessment System


Gone are the days when assessing a large number of people or screening several applicants for a job would be a cumbersome and painstaking task. Thanks to Online Assessment at Fourfusion Technologies, filtering a large number of applicants or testing the efficacy of training is now akin to a cakewalk.

How It Works
Fourfusion World has a robust and proven Online Assessments engine that works as an effective filtration mechanism for high-volume recruitments and as an efficient and cost-effective tool for testing the efficacy of training.

Companies can use this platform to administer a wide variety of online tests.


  • Supports single choice questions
  • Supports multiple choice questions
  • Supports descriptive questions
  • Offers bilingual support to the test-takers
  • Gives a section-wise break-up of the questionnaire
  • Facility for Random Question Generator (RQG)
  • Offers the ability to save questions and tests in the database for future use
  • Highly intuitive interface with several built-in security features
  • Compiles test scores and grades automatically


  • Instant & secure test results
  • Multiple question types
  • Unlimited quizzes & questions
  • Descriptive question type
  • Randomize questions & answers
  • Add time limits, set availability dates
  • No more time spent grading test papers

Several leading companies regularly use our Online Assessment platform for conducting certification examinations, aptitude tests and shortlisting potential candidates for interviews.