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Smart Office CRM

One Platform Multiple Solutions

There are many solutions in the industry like CRM, HR solution that addresses specific task only. Engagedots is one of the unique solution from Fourfusion which is a package of multiple solutions like CRM, Sales management, employee management, HR solutions and much more. It provides a live environment among the employees, management, and the customers with swift communication that aids faster completion of the project.

  • Compact package of multiple solutions
  • Envelops solutions like CRM, sales management, HR solutions etc
  • Live working environment where employee, customer, and management meet
  • Build business based on good communication

Admin control and security

The main feature that anyone seeks in a software is whether it is user friendly and allows to manage the application easily. The Engagedots comes with a manageable admin control panel that is self explanatory and intuitive to operate. The Engagedots adheres to complete security measures to ensure the application to be fault-proof. The admin control provides the ultimate key for operating the application with much ease.

  • Easily operable setting panel that provides intuitive menus system
  • The security and safety of the system is ensured with admin panel settings
  • The front end futures of the application is controlled robustly with the back end settings using admin control panel


Using the Smart Office CRM is very convenient and flexible. The application can be accessed from anywhere using the internet to get the updates and reports. The sales person can access the customer data and sales information from anywhere and follow up with the leads quickly. The Smart Office CRM can be easily managed across multiple platform such as laptops, tablets, and mobiles. This makes the solution to be unique.

  • Allows for access of information flexibly from anywhere at anytime
  • Faster communication and data manipulation due to convenient data access
  • Availability of data and access across multiple platforms like Laptops, Tablets, iPad, and Mobiles


The Smart Office CRM has many advantages over the traditional model as it maintains the flow of information and task by managing the employees in hierarchial model. The sales can be completely automated with remote access of information like reports, quotes, customer database, purchase, invoice etc.

  • Effective communication platform
  • Remote access to information
  • Generate reports for sales, task completion, employee performance
  • Centralized database with secured access methods ensuring data safety


Implementing the Smart Office CRM can be quite beneficial for the business in many ways. The sales can be increased with access to information without geographical limitations. Multiple tasks can be handled for swift completion of the project. The inclusion of social media share can be a real benefit since it can bring about a social collaboration among the employees as well as with the customers indirectly contributing to business success. It is also very easy to identify the leads from the contact database.

  • Improves communication and productivity
  • Increases sales
  • Effective employee management
  • Multiple tasks can be handled easily
  • Completion of project on time
  • Reports assists for quick decision making
  • Helpful for building long term relationship with the customers