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Education ERP

Web Based ERP is the most comprehensive administration automation suite for all kind of educational institutions, or university. With an unmatched range of features, Web Based ERP has pretty much redefined the product space and is currently in use at many institutions), universities, international schools, day and residential schools and Colleges. Web Base ERP is constantly growing, pushing the envelope in terms of features and support.


Smart Office CRM

There are many solutions in the industry like CRM, HR solution that addresses specific task only. Engagedots is one of the unique solution from Fourfusion which is a package of multiple solutions like CRM, Sales management, employee management, HR solutions and much more. It provides a live environment among the employees, management, and the customers with swift communication that aids faster completion of the project.



Today's corporate learners are everywhere and they come in all stripes. In-house employees and mobile workers. Partners, suppliers, and customers. Baby Boomers and Millennials. Casual learners and deep knowledge divers. They all need to be cultivated, developed, and retained. But you cannot do it effectively if you rely on learning management systems and processes, while not following best practices.



DMS is a systems that include Capturing, Classification of using metadata, Indexing, Searching & retrieval, Versioning, Versioning of documents. Although such systems deal almost exclusively with explicit knowledge, the huge volume of documents that an organization has to deal with makes them useful and in some cases even mandatory. DMS is a part of content management systems.

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